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Important financial information for residents.
Taxpayers get what they tolerate!!!!!


I am providing these summaries of the Board of Trustees meetings to keep the residents of Watertown Township better informed. I have been working on these summaries for several years to attempt to include the information most important to residents. In order to verify the information, I include the Board packet materials and the complete audio of the meetings on my website www.wacousta.org 
Dale Westrick, Former Trustee 2008-2012. Still working to keep the residents informed.
email dale.r.westick@gmail.com  Eagle, MI.  phone # 517-214-5950

These are the questions I had for the board of trustee at the 2014 public hearing on the budget. Please review questions and listen to the audio it’s your money.

BOT Meeting Summary - Click To View
My Comments 2014 Budget - Listen
2010-2014 Managers contract discussion click to listen to audio. View details.

To view the details of the 4-21-2014 board meeting click on link.

www.munetrix.com  This is a website that allows citizens of Michigan to access information and the facts provided to the State of Michigan by School districts and municipalities. Click on link to view details.
I purchased a contract for 1year for $60.00 to be able to research this information on my computer.

IQM2 Overview - www.iqm2.com
IQM2 is another valuable service that reduces costs while greatly improving government transparency and tracking. Please click on link to view a short description of the program.

This spread sheet shows the Manager’s weighted wages with insurance and after she opted of our insurance in 2010. View details.

1998-2010 Comparison Survey items of interest: This document shows the line items that are of most interest to me as a taxpayer. View details.

1998-2010 Comparison Survey: This is a Survey developed by Eastern Michigan College of Business showing the line item increases or decreases for a 12-year period on items of interest. View details.

2010 Citizens Guide: Dollars and sense, this is a Citizens Guide that shows how Watertown Township spends our tax money. View details.

My Consent Agenda no vote: This document includes all the information on why I always voted no on the Consent Agenda. My opposition to the up to $4,500.00 Health Benefits Reimbursement paid to Trustees. View details.

Trustee Benefit Survey: This is a random survey I took of other Townships to determine what Trustee benefits other Townships received. View details.

2006-2009 Manager’s Contract: This is the contract language before negotiating the 2010-2014 Manager’s Contract. View details.

2010-2014 Manager’s Contract: This contract language shows the changes in her new contract. The big change is the 95% opt out insurance clause. View details.

2010-2014 Ten Minute Audio of the Manager’s Contract discussion on the health insurance clause: Please listen to the audio to understand my no vote on the contract. View details.

Copy of Weighted Wages for Township Office Personnel: This can be used to verify the Manager’s opt out benefits. View details.