December 2015 - Board of Trustees Meeting

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Managers Public Comments Meeting Packet Word
Public Hearing On Budget Board Meeting Summary
  Public Hearing on the Budget
  Dale Westrick Public Comments
  Meeting Summary 11-16-15
2016 Meeting Dates 2016 Meeting Dates (2)
Adopt Board By Laws Fire Authority Cap. Expense
Adopt Board Employment Manual Fire Authority Reappointment
Adopt Board Policies Fire Dept. Report
Approval of Bills Mgrs. Annual Evaluation
Board Appointments Nov. 16 Minutes Approval
Budget Adjustments Response to Mgr Comments Nov
Budget Reserves Ord. 44 Const. Hours of Oper.
Cemetery Survey Resolution Comply MI. Act 152
Collective Bargaining Agreement Sewer Board Appeals Reappointment
Compensation Commission Sewer Board Appeals (2)
Consent Agenda Sheriff Dept. Report
Cost of Living Adjustments Sue Miller App. Cemetery Brd.
Delinquent Utility Bills Assess Supervisor Appointment
  Twshp. Managers Report
Web Newsletter Coordinator Clarification & Stipend Adjustment

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